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"Transhuman Reconnection Ecstasy"
CD (Wave/Gothic)
€.- 14.90

2nd official Full length-CD released by Legatus Recs.

1. The Chaotic CyberPagelança
2. The False Sadness of the Oldest Galaxy on the first Antimatter Particle of my DNA
3. Transbiomorphosis' Ecstasies
4. The Sinister Mantra of Human Dogmas
5. The Gaia's Holes Ritual
6. The Master of the Alien Werewolves' Clan
7. The Misanthropic DNA's Extinction
8. Transgenic Pineal Orgasm
9 .Tênue Esfera Azul
10. Transient Visitor from my Holotropic Dimension 
11. Transhuman Tempestuous Totem
12. The Posthuman Embrace
13. Towards the Earth's Womb
14. Telúrico Hino da Reconexão
Bonus: Multimedia track including exclusive video and e-comic